Changing Main page within Template?

Good morning everyone,
I am trying to change the main WordPress page on this website. I am new to WordPress. I found that this particular main page is embedded within the template. However, I cannot find where to edit it. The template’s name is whiteinc.
Any suggestions?
Thank you.

Here is the website

I believe whiteinc is a premium theme, in which case it would be very difficult for us to help you without buying the theme ourselves to take a look at it and see what kind of customizing it allows.

If you want to change the code or the CSS of the theme to customize the main page, you should make a child theme based on whiteinc and make the changes you want to the child theme. That way you won’t lose any of your changes when an update to the main theme is installed.

It might help if you explained in more detail what you would like to change.

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Go to “Settings”, not the theme settings, but the Wordpress settings. Then select “Reading.” There you should see a “Front Page Dislpays” setting with a drop down. See if the page you want is listed in the drop down and select it.

Thanks WebMachine.
I am new to WordPress. It seems pretty easy compared to Joomla.
I thought I found the front page in the Posts. However, it was not it.
I did not put this wordpress theme together and am trying to find way way around.

Thanks Dave8794. I will give it a try and let you know if it works.
By the way, how do I make the left back end wordpress nav bar larger? I did something and it made it smaller.
I found it. I merely click the collapse and expand button.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

I can’t find any “Reading” section from the “Settings” section, if indeed I am finding the correct area you suggested.
However, I did find this.

  1. WP Admin to Themes PHP
    And it’s giving me options to customize which is still a mystery to me. :frowning:

Settings in your Dashboard menu - the first three items are General, Writing, then Reading.

Thanks WebMachine.
But the only thing I see next to Dashboard is Home and Updates. :frowning: This is an older version of WordPress. It’s asking me to update which I dare not do since I do not know of my new client has a back up. And I wouldn’t know how to install the back up yet.

How old is the WordPress version? Not keeping the core, themes and plugins up-to-date is a real security issue and if you are really unlucky you might end up with a hacked site to clean up or worst case scenario, no site.

Do you have FTP or C-Panel access to the files to make your own back-up and access to the database to back that up also? If not, you might want to discuss this with your client, do the back-up, and bring everything up-to-date.

There are people here who can help guide you with this process.

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That isn’t Another_Designer’s problem it is the clients/site owner(s).

Even though its an older version, there should be a settings option.

I found the settings/reading section. However, when I select A Static Page (Your latest posts is originally selected), it only brings up the 8 pages that show up on the wordpress headers. I don’t see anything to edit the main page with.
Any suggestions? :frowning:

Thanks. I suggested a back up to my client.
I tried to download all the FTP files via CyberDuck and it stopped downloading. It might be their hosting service. I had this problem with my previous employer.

I will need help doing this and appreciate the help I am getting now and the help I will be getting for the Wordpress back up. :slight_smile:

I did read something about “sticky” posts and it being an easy way to post pages. I thought I found the main page through this sticky post. However, after viewing the main page it does not look to be the one. :frowning:

Your client’s site consists of the wp-content folder, the wp-config.php file in the site root (this is where the database credentials are stored) and possibly the .htaccess file. Everything else is WordPress core. Make sure you have back-ups of those three things at least.

You also need to backup the database. Can you access the client’s hosting account to make this backup?

You should really make a development version of the website on your local machine and make the changes there first. You should never make changes directly to the code of a live site. Do you have some sort of development environment set up on your machine, or an installation of XAMPP, or WAMP?

Thanks. Great suggestions. I have a mac version of Mamp Pro. I’m new to that too.
I would have to ask my client if they can get that whiteinc theme to me.

You know the whiteinc theme is part of the wp-content folder that you are backing up? Are there restrictions on the theme that say you cannot use it a second time in a development site?

Maybe try this. Go to the page that you are trying to edit in your browser. Copy the URL. Then go into Wordpress and create a new page. Don’t give that new page a name. Then hit publish. After published, under the Name field in the edit screen is the Permalink address which you can edit. Change it to the name of the URL you copied from the page you are trying to edit.

Thanks Dave. But this is a love Wordpress website and I do not have enough experience in WD to feel comfortable doing this yet.

I did find where the edit is. I will post the screen shots. I am not sure it’s editable.

Hello again,
The only place I can guess to change the template’s main page (which still makes me confused because I don’t understand how to change the page), is the go to theme and choose customize.

Once in there I see the main page. But I don’t see where to customize.