How to edit wordpress main page?

So I want edit my wordpress page, where can I do that? wp-content/themes?

Also I have like 20 errors on 3wc validator, and it says that error is like in line 1700. How to find that exact line? How do I know in which file is it?

What specifically are you trying to edit? It sounds like the issue is in your css file if you are trying to edit an image. If you are trying to edit text, then you most likely have a “static page” or “static post” acting as your website’s homepage.

Im trying to edit a page look… In general I want to know how to edit the page that is created for a wordpress… For example if I made changes on my page will that be saved in ftp wp-content/themes/themename folder?

Yes, that is where the changes would have to be made.

However, if you want to edit the look, changes would need to be made specifically to the css file inside the “themename folder” and the images file, if you are making extensive changes to the template.

i had the same problem when it came to finding the line.
in the browser view the source for that particular webpage (i use chrome) you’ll get the line that way.