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Hi everyone, :slight_smile:

I have made progress with WordPress. Since I installed it on my hosting website and played around with it, it’s becoming easier than I thought. :slight_smile:

I do have one more question. :smiley:

First, here is the link to the website in question: The website I am working on

I made the Welcome Page the main page by going to Appearances / Customize Theme Details / Select a Static Page / Choose the Welcome Page. Now my client has their Welcome Page as the Home Page. Success!!!

Here is my question. What should I do if I want to change the content of the Welcome Page and keep the old Welcome Page the content on the Home Page? In other words, how do I make the two different pages?

Thanks for your help.


Guess you already know, but the page WP name “Front page” is the page you land on when typing the domain url. With option “A static page” you can choose any page as the landing page. With option “Your latest posts” WP creates a dynamic page it names “Home” and inserts a “Home” button in the menu, regardless if you already have a Home page and button.

With a “Static Front Page” you can add your own “Home” page and button in the menu. Just create a new page in the dashboard and name it “Home” and add its button in the menu settings.

If you keep the Welcome page as landing page, you can make the Home button link to /home/

Then you have visitors land on the Welcome page and using the menu they get the Home page. Whenever you like you can change the “Static Front Page” to Home and adjust the buttons in the menu settings.

Hope that helps, I haven’t used WP in a long time. :slight_smile:


Thank you Erik_J for your reply. It was very helpful.

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