Changed PHP, not showing in some browsers

Hi Guys,

I have added some php code to the functions.php from this tutorial ( Now the text shows beneath the slideshow if I view it on Chrome, but can’t seem to get it to appear on any other browser. I am very new to php so be gentle if I’m missing something very obvious.

Could someone please help?

(I’m not sure if it was best in here or wordpress, so please move it moderators if you feel its in the wrong place)

Can you give us the PHP you used? Yours might differ from theirs possibly. Either way, we need the code of hte page. Have you checked the error log on your server for any possible issues?

It’s not a PHP issue, because that’s processed on the server. Try hard refreshing your browsers, as it shows up in every browser for me.

Thanks, at least I know its not the php.

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