Header flashes when new page is loaded

I created a template and then duplicated it for each page. The client didn’t want the site in a CMS, especially not WordPress. Each template calls and include for the Header.

<?php include('Includes/Header.php')?>

It is using the same Header each time so I didn’t think that it would cause it to reload the header each time, but I think that may be the cause.

Here is a link to the dev site. http://www.connect4webdesign.com/FrogTummy/nuames/Home.php

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t see the header flash—either on first load or on reload (Chrome / Mac).

PHP is processed on the server, so that’s not an issue for the browser.

No flashing for me either.

Good point. I do see if flashing for sure though. Hmm

Try a different browser perhaps? What browser are you on? OS?

I’m on a PC and Google Chrome was giving me issues. It doesn’t flash in firefox or IE. Why does Chrome do that?

I don’t see a flash in Chrome PC either. Maybe you have a slow connection?

The only thing I can think of is the font awesome icons may cause a delay while they are loading. Added fonts always cause a flash as they load later. Comment our the link to the font file and re-test. It probably won’t make a difference though.

Another (more complex) way to check is to make a testing version of the home page and then you can strip out elements one by one and check if you can spot the cause.

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