Image Slide Show Won't Show in Some Pages

I have a problem on my wordpress blog that is integregated with a 3rd party shopping system. What I’m finding is that the Image Slide Show will not show up on the product page but will show up on other pages. obviously there is some conflict but I don’t know where.

Example: here is the product listing page while in the header the slide show seems to work fine.

Now here is the page if you select one of the t-shirts but as you will see the image slide show in the Header vanishes?

Just to update, I have changed the theme on this blog so you will no longer see the issue and I will update later if have the issue again, thanks anyway!

ok I have gone back to using this theme after trying others so I still have this problem.

One thing I was thinking I could do but I’m not sure how is to some how put a bit of php code to see if the url has this in it “?i=” and if it is then hide the slide show in the header.

How could I do that please?