Help help pls help

I have changed my web site server not DNS pointer.After it my all key word ranking down very drastically all top 10 key words now out of 350 which put me in loads pressure now what i have to do.Please help me.why this happen to my key words is there any other reason or not please explain me.

So, let’s be clear…

You just moved your website from one web-server to another web-server?
You didn’t change your Domain name?
Did you or didn’t you update your DNS (so that the request for your URL was redirected to the IP associated to the new server)?

Was ANY content changed on the website?
Has ANY other marketing/promotion been done since the move?

I was just move my site to one server to another server and between this i continue my promotion work there is no updation in dns.Thanks for you response

Changing servers normally has no effect on rankings, the times that it can affect your ranking are:

  • when the new server is in a different country to the old server
  • when the new server hosts bad content
  • performance of the new server

Thank you very much for your help and support.I got all previous ranking at yesterday night

Changing server has no effect on web listing unless server has identified as spam server. It is good to know that you got back your listing