Keyword Ranking


I have a question about the links. My site was in php so all of my website links used to be but now i have moved it to WordPress and now my links are Will it affect the ranking of keywords although there is no 404 errors as previous links are getting redirected to the new ones. Quick reply would be highly appreciated.

If you have redirects, it should be okay long term, but I have certainly seen ranking problems that lasted several months as a result of URL restructuring.

i don’t think this would affect your ranking, URL should be user friends and simple that its.

Yes the Keyword ranking might be affected even though you have done 301 redirect. The reason behind this is, the URLs of the websites, the theme and the platform got changed. This will somewhere affect the ranking, but you can overcome doing several off-page SEO and internet marketing processes.

As per my opinion if you had redirect all URL’s properly so it will not affect to your ranking. You must have to keep check your webmaster and all redirection again.

Your website keyword keyword ranking won’t be affected if you have redirect webpage.