Can't find the search box

This is a wip i am working on.

I wan’t to find the search box to remove the span for the text “search for”
search.php doesn’t have it. i looked up functions.php & it isn’there
child of 2014. anyone here familiar w/this could please point me to the correct page?

It’s not in a “widget”?

nope. but good point, had to go & check.

On line 85 of your style sheet, you have this:

.search-form span {
display: hidden;
visibility: none;

That code is invalid, and your best option is to fix it and leave the text in the HTML. Correct code:

.search-form span {
display: [COLOR="#FF0000"]none[/COLOR];
visibility: [COLOR="#FF0000"]hidden[/COLOR];

Hello Ralph that was actually me just shooting around in the dark (no pun intended considering the site) but was actually hoping to find the code directly & remove.
If I can’t i’ll use the css you provided and thank you for it!

The function get_search_form(); is called in header.php. Because the form is not in your search.php file, twentyfourteen uses WordPress’s built-in search form. You would have to go into the core files to change the html of the search form, which is a very bad idea.

You could probably override the built-in form by placing the html code you want to use in the search.php file of your child of twentfourteen theme.

Hello all. yes saw it was called in at the header. & the search.php itself doesn’t have that span. I’d feel fairly safe deleting or deactivating the span alone.
I’ll probab use Ralph’s code to deactivate it if i can’t find by eod.
thx all you have a great sunday.