Search box/button question about Wordpress


With the Twenty-ten installation, it places a search box off to the right. This is great, except for this:

Besides the text area to type the query, it also has a gray, clunky button next to it with the word “Search” on it. This button is old-fashioned and unnecessary. You can simply hit enter after you are done typing and the search will work. People know that. They don’t need a button next to the search box that says “Search”.

What/where is the file within Wordpress that creates this button? I want to remove it from the PHP includes, but I can’t find it.

Do you think it is in the core Wordpress .php files, or do you think it is somewhere in the 2010 theme files?

The Twenty Ten theme calls get_search_form(), which will either call searchform.php or if searchform.php is not found it creates a default search. So you will need to create the file, and upload it to the Twenty Ten directory.

Refer to get_search_form() for more information.