Quick help with a custom search form

Hey guys, Ive never really completely styled a search form through wordpress and Im doing it now and encountering some issues. Im doing it on localhost so I cant show my issue, but hopefully its a common fix.

what I have is transparent .png which are curved. these are the background for the search button and the search field. Behind these 2 areas, its not transparent, its white. So basically it looks like a transparent .png in IE6 without the fix. Ive removed all of the borders, margins,everything. Ive gone into firebug, Ive looked everywhere, I have no idea where its getting this white background from. Anyone know? If need be I will go in and snag a screen grab so you can see but Im assuming at this point its a common issue that Im overlooking. Thanks for the help in advance!


Did you ever fix this issue? I am having the same exact problem and it is driving me insane! Someone help!

I used background:transparent;

Hope that helps!

I figured it out already but thanks for the quick reply!