Removing "search for" text

i am trying to remove text next to text field of search which says “Search for” and i don’t know how to.can anyone guide me. i m also trying to style up the search button but don’t know where to do it

Perhaps show us the code you are working with. Also, give some kind of indication of how you want the button styled. There are lots of tutorials on the web for styling buttons—both with Photoshop and CSS.

“search for” text


Open up your sidebar.php or heading.php, there is probably something like

<imput type="text" ... [B]value="search for"[/B]/>

Remove the bolded part

In your WordPress Dashboard, expand the Appearance menu on the left and click on the Editor in the Appearance section, this will give you access to edit the theme template.

On the right hand side will be all the different files which build up the entire temp design. The search text is likely to be in a header or sidebar .php file. However, if you are not sure you will need to click each file in turn and look at the code which loads in the main page Editor window until you track down the bit of the page where the search text is that you wish to remove.

Be careful when you make change to the template file then click the Update File button at the bottom of the page to save your change.