Can't clear temporary internet files


I am running internet explorer v9 and have just come across as issue that has popped up in the last week or so.
I am running Windows 7 on a 64 bit os.

Every day I always cleared my temporary internet files and now I can’t seem to do that.
I went to Tools -> Internet Options -> Browsing History - > Settings -> View Files
selected all the files and clicked the delete button.

Used to work well, but now it won’t delete any of them.

So I tried moving my temporary internet files folder to: c:
ew folder\ emporary internet files
thinking that if I tried moving this file to the desktop I could delete it - didn’t work either.

Could someone please let me know how I can resolve this issue?

Have you tried deleting via disk cleanup?

[FONT=verdana]When you tried to delete these files, what exactly happened? Did you get an error message of some sort? If so, what did it say?

The commonest reason for failure to delete a file is that the file is currently in use. If that’s the case, the error message would tell you that.


You could use a program to do it for you:
Also, if there is a problem (file permissions or whatever), maybe using a tool would give you more of a verbose error message.

Yes I am also agree with " Pullo " I am also using windows 7 on 64 bit Operating system and I was also having the same issue that I was unable to delete my temporary internet files and I had used CCLEANER for it …And due to this my problem was sorted out.So If you ask me I will suggest you to use CCLEANER for it and deffinetly your problem will sort out… :slight_smile:


Works every time for me. :slight_smile:

specify error first and move your temp folder back to your local seetings folder. what you get when tried to delete temp.

For complete removal of cookies apply any one method given below:

Method 1:
1)Go to Internet Explorer>Tools>Internet Options>General Tab>Browsing History>Delete>Click on cookies>hit delete.
2)All cookies are deleted accept 3.
3)To remove those problem cookies uncheck the “preserve favorite website data” box in the delete browsing history window under internet options from the tools menu drop down menu in Internet Explorer.
4)Then again recheck the box after a reboot.

Method 2:
You can use CCleaner to take care of those.