Do I have a virus? IE Problem

Hello, I pull up Internet Explorer, and it lets me keep my home pages up for a couple of seconds and goes to blocked after a few seconds. It says blocked in the tab up at the top. Do I have a virus or what? How can I fix this? Please help! Thanks!


clear all your temp files -> schedule for a disk scan next time you reboot -> reboot ->download malwarebytes anti malware -> install it and update it -> run it -> also run it from safe mode.

you may also download spybot S&D -> install it -> update -> run it.

if things doesnt get better, try to download Hijackthis -> run it -> save log -> come back and post log, so we can have a look.

Yes it can be virus attack just start to scan your system, and reinstall the browser.

Yes… it is a virus… download CWShredder and any good antivirus to remove it.

Delete Temporary Internet Files and Cookies
Disable Add-Ons in Internet Explorer
Reset Internet Explorer Start & Search Pages
Reset Settings in Internet Explorer
Disable AutoComplete in Internet Explorer
Clear the Internet Explorer History Folder
If still your system have problems then definitely your system is corrupted with virus. Do a complete scan of your system and remove all the detected worms.

You could use an online security tool to check for viruses, however, if you are using an older version of IE you could change it or at least updating it with the last one…

you should try it! I’ve tried a few antivirus programs, and to be truthful, the only one that suited my needs was Nod32. If you find an update server, you won’t have any trouble with it. Plus, it’s the fastest antivirus program on the net.