Force a File to Delete (Windows)

[i]Hello… is there any way at all to force Windows to delete a file. It’s convinced the file is in use (which I know for a fact is not the case).

I’ve tried deleting it in safe mode and I’ve tried de-fragging then deleting. Nothing worked yet.

Any suggestions??[/i]

Unlocker :tup:

Delete Doctor 2.1


start -> run -> cmd.

del /f yourfile

it ignores read only permissions etc, and just force-deletes it. worked for me in the past.

The advantage of Unlocker is that it removes the locks and makes it possible not only to delete the file (or folder), but also rename or move it - which is a great feature :agree:
It’s available from right-click menu which makes using it very comfortable.
And it’s free too :tup:

If windows says the file is in use, its in use. Try and figure out what process is locking the file then kill it.

[i]The process is killed… Like I said, I know that for a fact.

I’m going to try that “Unlocker” thing.[/i]

Hey it worked!!.. Thanks for the suggestions, all.