Cannot see images on my websit


I have uploaded my first website, I cannot see images, but can see alt message.

I tested my website on 5 browsers before uploading and could see all the images.

My ftp says, “this image does not appear to be valid jpg”.

Please help.


Hi aslamchoudhury. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Could you post a link to the site? There are various reasons for this, such as:

  • the images weren’t uploaded
  • the file paths are wrong somehow (pointing to your local machine?)
  • there was some error in the way you created/names the images …

It would be helpful to see your site as a starting point, or you could describe what you have done in detail.


First of all thanks for reminding me that I should have posted my website link to the forum.

Here is the link to the website.




Make sure that the images you are calling are actually in the folder.
You are calling images/image1.jpg which doesnt exist!

In your images folder you have blind1.jpg, blind2.jpg and blind3.jpg

I have checked and put the images in the root folder m25blinds. I can preview them on all browsers.
I have uploaded the whole site on the host’s server where I can only see footer backgroun, where I should see header background and images (blinds1-3) all as well. Still no joy.


You’ve just got to be really careful with paths and names. For example, your logo is called Logo1.jpg, but your link points to logo1.jpg. The capital L makes it a different image. (That’s why I keep everything lower case in my code, to avoid at least one easy pitfall.)

Other links point to an /images/ folder in the root folder, which seems not to exist at all—at least not in that location.

You still have the wrong image names in your HTML, in that case. The images are called blind1.jpg, blind2.jpg and blind3.jpg - as you’ve just confirmed - but your page is asking for image1.jpg, image2.jpg and image3…jpg


With your help I manage to rename all images, reloaded them and now they are visible on the web.


Glad you’ve got the image problem sorted, but you seem to have uploaded your site to a sub-directory by mistake. The link above no longer works; the address for your home page is now [noparse][/noparse]