Invisible images


I just posted my first website yesterday, and already I need help.

I tried my web site on different browsers and validated before uploading to my server. All seemed well, but now that I have uploaded, 2 of the 7 images I use on my site are not displaying. 1 is an inline image and the other is a background image that I handle with my style sheet.

Yes, the jpg files are present and where they need to be.

Any suggestions?

[ot]Noonnope, it’s probably a shortfall of “WinHTTrack Website Copier” it is looking for something it cannot find thus renames the missing image to default *.html

It probably creates a empty file in the process - I’ve seen this behaviour before in archiving tools or when web-content proxies are in play at certain institutes.[/ot]

I can see how that would be a problem, but I just checked. Those are jpg. Are we looking at the same files?

you have a DSCI0237.html file not a DSCI0237.jpg file as you point in your markup.

also, in your style.css you point to a DSCI0229-4.html file as a background. what’s the deal with that? :slight_smile:

Here you go

As a newbie this has all been very edifying–and confusing. I have resolved my immediate problem, but I do not understand why you see my files as .html. I assure you they are not.

I did not know that tools such as WinHTTrack Website Copier allowed access to someone else’s style sheets and support files. I will surely use it one day and would be curious to know under what circumstances it mistranslates.

Any way, I thank my virtual angels for all your time and kind attention.

nice catch… if it’s true.

i still get DSCI0237.html and DSCI0229-4.html with “WinHTTrack Website Copier”.

Your server is case sensitive. The image is saved as .JPG but your html is looking for .jpg and so can’t find it.

Welcome to reason number 62 of why you should only ever use lower case folder names, filenames and extensions on the web… :inspector:

Off Topic:

it must be, since the OP said it was all good. but i never bumped into something like this before, and i’ve used “WinHTTrack Website Copier” extensively.

Je ne comprend pas. I checked, rechecked and rechecked again. There are only 7 image files, and each has the jpg extension. Below is the copied and pasted code in question.

In markup

<div id = “bodyimage”>
<p><img src = “Images/DSCI0237.jpg” class = “feature” width = “400”
height = “580” alt = “A rope-tuned, red Toca djembe.”/></p>
</div><!–End of bodyimage div–>

In style sheet

#navigation {
width: 180px;
height: 680px;
background: #7da5d8 url(Images/Images/DSCI0229-4.jpg);

All 7 of the files in my Image folder has got the jpg extension. Are we looking at the same thing?

apparently not. there is something wrong with your server folders and files.

both files DSCI0237.jpg and DSCI0229-4.jpg exist only for you. the rest of the web can’t retrieve them. that’s why they are not showing in the browser. check again :slight_smile:

j’espere que tu a compris cette fois ci.

If you’re optimising your images for web publication (as you should to reduce their size) in something like Photoshop, you have the option to save image files with lower case extensions.

yep…beeen there :headbang:

The same can apply to database table names.

“select * from myTable” works fine on my XAMPP server but on my web hosting account table names must be in lower case.

Stevie is correct. It turns out that Windows wants to save image files in files with capitalized extensions, whether you capitalize or not. All is well. Many thanks.


are we talking about the same thing?

first: why the html extension on a jpg file. change that. now!
second: change the code in your markup: DSCI0237.jpg instead of DSCI0237.html, and do so for every other jpg file you put html as extension instead. how do you expect to have DSCI0237.jpg in your markup and DSCI0237.html in the Images folder and the image to show? ? ? i just checked my self: i “WinHTTrack Website” your site and you have DSCI0237.html in Images and DSCI0229-4.html in Images/Images.

if you do that it’ll work. otherwise you are creating your self a problem you don’t want to solve, as i see :slight_smile:

sure :lol:

“I want
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a link to your page. if possible :slight_smile: