Images wont show on server

Hi everyone.
I recently become a web designer.
Yesterday i finished my first website html template.
Wen i uploaded it into a webserver it all worked well except on the icons page were 10% of the icons wont show up but they are there because i already uploaded the entire template twice.
Wo can help me whith this issue?I have a screenshot of gogle chrome inspect tool:
Marco Alex

The screen shot is not very much help Marco; some code would be better.

Are you sure the path’s to the missing images are correct?

yes im sure and all the images are there.

Are the paths the same for all your images?

Depending where you are in your folder structure they may not work.

I would have something like /images/icons/etc. where the images folder is in the root folder ( public_html or similar )

Looking at your first screenshot, some of your image filenames are capitalised, and some are not. As far as I can tell from that capture, the capitalised ones are shjowing and the others aren’t. Should all your file names be capitalised? If you’re on a Linux server, it’s important to get this right, as Linux is case-sensitive.

The icon png files are all there but the server gives a 404 error on those that do not appear,i asked the server help but they sayd they only give attention to payed hosting and mine is the free account just to test my templates.:

Ok i think your right .sometimes it takes another person to see our errors cause its just too mutch
Im going to change the code to capitalized letters, but the png files are all in the server as you can see on the screen shot on my last reply.

Yes, sometimes it just needs another set of eyes. :slight_smile: It’s often difficult to spot the errors in your own code, and very helpful to get somebody else to look.

I think that should do it. You need to ensure that the filename you use in your code is identical to the actual PNG filename, including capitalisation, or it won’t work (as you’ve discovered ;)). As far as Linux is concerned, Black_Cart.png and black_cart.png are two different files, and it won’t substitute one for the other.

Yes its very hard to spot our own errors wen its so mutch code.
Its all good now:
thank you very mutch!!

No problem. Glad we could help. :slight_smile: