Images won't show on website


I have one image which doesn’t show up online, there’s a broken link sign . In addition, I have a JQuery image rotation of 3 images and the last image doesn’t show. I can’t for the life of me work out why. My HTML seems identical to those images which do show up albeit a different file name. The website is

Please help :slight_smile:

Indeed, the broken link sign is correct; the image is giving a 404-error, and can’t be found in the images/showcase directory: [U][/U].

Are you sure you uploaded the images?
In the correct directory?
With exactly the same file name? (servers distinct between upper-case and lower-case)

Thanks Francky,

There were uppercase letters in the files. Strange coz I’d definitley made sure there were lowercased before.

Thanks again it’s all sorted now.