Cannot figure out why my site is not in search engines

Hi everybody,

I usually have some success getting my site to show up in google, but my recent site which I created about 6 months ago does not show up in google hardly at all.

My site is called and even when I type in search terms “Star Wars HQ”, “StarWarsHQ”, and “Star Wars Headquarters” it is nowhere to be found. :frowning:

Am I doing something wrong?

I am using Joomla 3.0 as my CMS since it allows me to add the components and modules that my community needs.

Any ideas or advice? Do you see anything wrong when you view my site?

Thanks for your help and feedback.


Welcome to the world of SEO. :-/

You have a lot of competition out there, and will have to make sure there’s something unique about your site to make it stand out from all the other Star Wars sites out there. There are many pages with the keywords/domains “Star Wars HQ”, so you have a steep mountain to climb following that path.

True, but keep in mind that the top 5 search results for “Star Wars HQ” are all MY websites which is even more baffling!

These are the top 5 search results for “Star Wars HQ” on google, which again, are all my websites or social pages:

Star Wars HQ - YouTube

Star Wars Battlefront 3 III E3 2014 Trailers, Gameplay …

Star Wars HQ | Facebook

Star Wars HQ (Gameverb) on Twitter

How come those are in the search results yet my primary domain is not in there?
It still seems like there is something I am doing wrong with that I am missing or there is a major flaw in its design somewhere that I am possibly uneducated on.

Avast is giving StarWarsHQ a

Maybe Google is doing something to protect users?

I’m not 100% sure but maybe this has something to do with one of google updates where they penalize sites with exact keyword match in domains.

Google did report this and I have taken care of it and removed it. I did not add that to my server and I’m not even sure how it got in there.

How did you do the avast scan? What is the website? And how do I determine if my site as malware on it?

Thanks for your help guys!

If you signup to google webmastertools it will show you if there is malware present on your website. Google webmastertools is also good for other things to do with your website check them out.

PhishTank has it listed as a phishing site:

That’s also reflected in the WebofTrust ranking, which is red:

There seems to be a popular misconception that Google now penalises all “exact match” domains. This isn’t the case. Many such domains are poor quality and engage in keyword stuffing and other such techniques to try to manipulate ranking; keywords in the domain is just one aspect of this. It is these poor quality sites which may be affected, not all such domains indiscriminately.

Yes, definately get rid of this

Your site is indexed in Google:

But it is marked as a phishing site, for example here:

Are you sure it hasn’t been hacked?

Okay, so when I go to google webmaster tools, this is the link that is being reported: [noparse]www.starwarshq[/noparse][DOT]com/libraries/compat/geeedoc/

I removed this link completely, reported it removed to google, yet my site is still showing hacked. How can I be sure that this is not the only area hacked on my site? I have no idea how this happened. :frowning: I upgraded my Joomla 3.0 to a new version and all software has been updated.

This really sucks and is hurting my site big time. :frowning:

You can’t. :frowning:

Best way to be sure, as far as I’m aware, is to delete everything and upload a clean copy. Failing that, you can run - or ask your hosts to run - a maldet scan.

Also, change all the passwords for your site (admin, ftp, the lot) and make sure the new ones you set are strong.

There is a detailed post by dklynn about recovering from a hack over in the Web Security forum:

  1. Make a backup of your database
  2. Make backup of your ftp files
  3. Delete everything
  4. Change all passwords, including the mysql pass.
  5. Upload a copy of latest Joomla.

If you are making an upgrade you are NOT removing all old files from the server.
So for example if you have a malicious script residing somewhere in some folder on your server, after upgrading it will still be there :frowning:

Surely if you back up your files and database after the site has been hacked, you risk backing up infected files?

Yes, that’s true. You will back up the infected files. You should keep that in mind.
But better back up than delete. This data can be useful.

Run a website analysis for your website, where it advices you what is missing in seo. Your website has lots of images, optimise for images, add descriptive alt image tags, title tags, meta tags should have specific characters, check for broken links. after doing all the changes. submit the xml sitemap to webmasters tool…all this will definitely show you some results.

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