Cannot access intranet site if the poxy was enabled

Good day!

I setup my intranet in a server 4.

Server 1 = PDC
Server 2= BDC
Server 3 = ISA
Server 4 = IIS and here I setup my intranet.

I have 2 NIC one for internal and one for external.

I can access my website by this url: but when I run my website the url become http://ipaddress/myfolder/index.php I want is it should be and also before i can access my intranet website even my proxy was enabled, but now I can’t access I need to disabled my proxy before I can run my website.

Is there a problem? What it is?

Thank you

I believe that the problem is in Proxy. Maybe your web hosting provider has blocked proxy?

my webhosting is IIS

I believe I did not ask who your web hosting was. In any way I recommend you look into the problem with them. I believe that is the best way to understand and solve the problem.
Good luck


That doesn’t sound like your proxy causing that issue, it sounds more like a configuration issue with IIS to be honest - I couldn’t even begin to guess where though as it’s not my area.


Ahh…thank you

You can add exceptions for sites going through the proxy - if you’ve got the internal site working with the proxy disabled, then just tell your browser not to use the proxy for internal sites and that should help.

If not, give the proxy a hint on how to direct the traffic for the internal sites.

Where can I add exceptions?I want is the internal site should be work even the proxy is enabled, because now when my proxy was enabled my intranet site did not work, but when i desabled the proxy my intranet site was worked. Is this possible that my intranet site will work even the proxy was enabled?

In the connection options of your internet browser - there will be a list of sites that “do not use the proxy”, in the case of firefox its called “No Proxy For”.

Adding the intranet to this will make the browser not use the proxy to get to it.

If your computers are controlled via a Windows Group Policy, your system admin will need to edit the connection settings globally.

I add my intranet site in the browser not used proxy but at first it works but when i try again I cannot access my intranet site.

Thank you