Intranet website problem in DNS

Good day!

I resolved my problem in viewing of phpmyadmin, now I have problem in adding my website to the DNS to view by other users who are member in Active Directory.

This is the scenario, my IIS,mysql,phpmyadmin was on the 2nd Server and my DNS and Active Directory was on the 1st server. I configure my IIS to work my php webpage. Now I want it to wokr not by the use of this of localhost. I want it to create a url lkie this My problem now is the DNS was on the different server.I have no idea how can I configure my DNS.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you


You could access your website by typing server IP address. Just enable your remote connections on port 80 (http) in your firewall settings.
You could also create subdomain, to do it you should create new A record in your DNS settings and to set the host header in IIS console -> Website properties


Thank you