DNS Settings for Internet and Intranet

Good day!

I used IIS 6.0, IE, phpmyadmin,mysql and it is in a 2nd server and my DNS was on the 1st server. My problem is, I don’t know if i need to add a new domain for my intranet, I want to happen is my intranet website could be work in internet. I have no idea how can I do that.

Thank you

Are you saying you want your Intranet site to be accessible from the Internet? If so, then that contradicts the meaning of being an Intranet. An Intranet is only accessible if it is on your subnetwork, or if you are connected to the network via VPN connection.

Are you asking about creating a VPN connection?

Nope, I mean is it possible that I would create another DNS for Intranet?What is vpn?