Can someone share me your opinion on my website and how I can get free backlinks for my website?

This is my website Currently rather than my main website, I am working on creating dedicated subdomain sites for any topic.
For example,

So, is this a good way of doing or should I rather stick to my main site itself for creating articles. The reason I do it like a sub domain is that I can do a better seo of my sites.

Also, currently I am working on creating backlinks for my site. So, if I create a subdomain website, then should I create separate backlinks for my subdomain or the backlinks for my main domain will itself be considered to rank on google.

I can’t figure out why people use subdomains. If I find something interesting on a subdomain, I often like to check the main site, and yet often there’s no link to the main site, which is unbelievable to me. Yet it happens everywhere, even on big, prominent sites.

I can understand why people use subdomains, BUT disagree that most of them need to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you generate enough content that each of those subdomains is going to be populated well enough to “stand on its own” so to speak?
If the answer is yes, you’re either 1) trying to save money on domain registrations for multiple sites, or 2) trying to start a network.

If the answer is no, you shouldnt use a subdomain. Category filters work fine.

“create” and “backlink” should never go in the same sentence.

Google I believe still considers subdomains to still be a part of the root domain’s structure and ranked accordingly - however if you’ve got identical content on multiple domains, Google will index them all, but only serve one of them, because it recognizes the pages as identical.