Creating Your Own Backlink Sites?

Hi guys, just a quick question - is it against any rules to create for example 10 websites that link to a single main website?

They wouldn’t be redirecting the user or anything (so not gateway pages?) - just wondering!

Just to add I’m a long time lurker lol

Creating custom “landing pages” or separate websites can be useful, but if they only have the same content as your main site then you might get penalized ?

And either way, your SEO will be “distributed” over 10 different websites instead of only your main site…

So in general, it probably won’t help you (but there are exceptions, for example creating a separate “haloween-themed” website etc)

OK I will try and make it clearer - I have an e-commerce website selling widgets. Would it be advantageous to create another site (assuming time = free) which is that in turn links to the main website?

Furthermore because the cost of domains is cheap and I can host as many as I want on my hosting would it be advantageous to create another X sites like:

Assuming we are just considering the SEO benefits (so not taking into account getting in trouble for by the brand for using their name etc.) would this be worthwhile? Or more to the point, given that I have assumed my time is free and domains are cheap would this be likely to get any of the sites penalised (as they are on the same IP?)

you don’t think that google will notice if 10 different domains all located on the same host are pointing to another domain on the same host?

Well that was sort of the question lol - more to the point would they penalise any of them?

I mean on a shared host there can be thousands of websites on it, of which a fair few could link to each other?

are you worried about trying it? because if you are, then you must think that google will discover that you’re artificially trying to bump your serp ranking

the mere fact that you are hesitant to use this dubious scheme should be telling you something


Well yeah of course, but I’m not sure if just working harder at creating a big bunch of websites should be penalised?

Also the review site actually existed before the e-commerce one, and already links through and those links are picked up fine by google which is what got me thinking if it would be better to do this than pay for advertising on (often inferior) other peoples sites!

If all they are is, in effect, your own little link farm then as soon as Google cottons on to what you are doing, it will drop you like hot lead. Any kind of artificial manipulation of results in a way like this is likely to lead to your site being blacklisted.

Seriously … do you think Google are going to be fooled that easily?!

If each website is good enough to ‘stand alone’ though? I understood a link farm to be just a page full of links?

If each website is good enough to stand alone, why not make one really good site instead? That would be a much more productive use of time!

I see your point and I am trying to make the main site as good as possible but this doesn’t get links without paying for advertising in my industry!

Be careful when doing this kind of thing. Done poorly it can get you into a heap of trouble. I recently worked with one of the best SEO’s around and he got a whole bunch of his site de indexed as a result of manipulation. While it’s true that third party links can’t hurt, your own links most certainly can.

Done properly however it can deliver outstanding results. Based on your post however I wouldn’t recommend this sort of thing for you personally. Plenty of people who know (or think they know) what they are doing have been burned in the past.

N.B Google really aren’t that good at picking up on manipulation. It usually requires a manual Spam report.

Google are extremely lacking when it comes to this type of thing.

In nearly 3 years of working on link development I have yet to see google detect a network without a spam report being filed.

If you can work out a way to prevent a spam report being filed (which can be done) and control a number of other factors then google would find it next to impossible to spot this kind of thing. They like to promote the opposite but then again they would.

As already stated in another discussion, there are many ways for google to detect “affiliated” sites and links.

See this patent google filled in in 2004 (already an old story). The patent has been accepted in 2010:

Links from “affiliated” sites may have lower value than natural links from non-affiliated links.

Thats a good read - never seen that site before! It seems to suggest only that affiliated links as they are described will be worth LESS than ‘independent’ links - not that they are worthless.

If you have done good on page for a website then only you need a few quality back links to your site and your site will b ranked in top positions,i don’t think its a good idea to create your own back link because Google’s algorithm to accurate these days and will find out that there is some thing wrong with this site back link.

Sorry but this entire post is completely in accurate!