News content on subdomain?



If I put News content on a subdomain will this be a bad decision?

I am thinking in particular about unique content seen by Google. If all unique content is on the subdomain, google may rank the subdomain better than the main domain?

Is this a potential problem?



As I keep telling you, each page is ranked on its own merits for each search query. If you have good content on your sub-domain, and that appears in Google's search results, why would it be a problem? It's still going to be bringing visitors to your site.


OK - thanks. I suppose you are thinking people will click between the main site and subdomain website.


I'm thinking people will look at whatever content they find on your site which will be of interest to them.

If you place your news section on your main domain, rather than on a sub-domain, there is still no guarantee that somebody coming to a news page will then click on to any other page of your site.

I'm unclear what your thinking is here. What is the aim of the news section? What are you expecting it to do?


The majority of people won't know what a subdomain is (or even care), and for the rest it's of no consequence.


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