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I have built and hosted a personal site with the help of my sitepoint friends. I am continuing on my learning path and have made a webpage with a few links and decided to upload it to a subdomain. I am using the services of hostgator. I added a subdomain to my site and uploaded the page. Initially, I had gone to FTP and uploaded the page to the public_html folder and found that I can go to my site by visiting Then I removed the page from public_html and uploaded it to public_html/subdomainfolder. So, now I can go to my site by visiting [URL=“”]

But I noticed that in the former case, one could go to my site by typing just 2 words of my site and subdomain in the search box of google, but in the second case, typing those words in the search box of google does not lead to my site.

Is there any difference in SEO in the 2 cases? Which of the above 2 is more appropriate?

Thank you, codythebest. I have a few newbie doubts regarding your reply.

Now what I first did to create the subdomain is this.
I logged onto my cpanel and clicked on the ‘subdomain’ icon.

In the subdomain field, I wrote the name of the subdomain which I wanted to create.

Then, I selected the domain for which I wished to create this subdomain from the dropdown menu.

Below that was a Document Root field, which automatically populated with “/public_html/mysubdomain”.

After that, I simply clicked the “Create” button to complete the creation of my subdomain.

Then I logged on to my ftp client, filezilla and went to the subdomain folder in public_html and then uploaded my webpage and also a folder called images containing my
header image.

Now, after reading your reply, I have tried to implement your advice but I want to know if I have gone about it the right way.

What I did is this:

When the Document Root field automatically populated with “/public_html/mysubdomain”, I changed it to “/public_html/MyNewSubdomainFolder”

I then went to filezilla and uploaded the files to public_html/MyNewSubdomainFolder.

Then I went to the Redirection link and made my page redirect to
Now when I try to visit, I am able to see my webpage.

I want to know if I have followed the right steps.

But as far as SEO is concerned, when I go to google and type 4 words containing the name of my domain (my main domain is for my personal site) and subdomain
(containing a webpage about a completely different subject as you mentioned), I am led to my webpage, but when I type only the name of the subdomain, I do not see the
site (I do not know if it is there is some later page say the 30th or 40th page or so. I have given the names of the subject matter of my subdomain site in the key
words in the meta tag. Is there further better way to improve the SEO of my site. Then again, when one googles for a subject, only a certain number of sites will be
visible in the first page, isn’t it?

One more thing, when I try to google for my site, I am led to the name of the site which I created a week ago. I presume it is due to caching. How do I prevent that? (Should I be asking this particular question in a different thread?)

I am late in coming back to this threas as I was not well.

Actually, I did not wait at all before trying to google the second time, rather I tried immediately.

Because, earlier, when I had uploaded the page to public_html directly, I could see it immediately when I typed in the address.
Now, since I was coming back after a few days, I removed my subdomain altogether (I had actually planned to, since the name of my site had both lower case and upper case and I was advised against it). I created my subdomain again and then uploaded my webpage to the subdomain folder in the publc_html folder and was aboe to access the site by going to google search immediately.

I do not know what had happened earlier. As for backlinks, I think it does not apply in my case. Since this page was made mainly for learning purpose, I had just made a single page about a guide to uk education with links to many major sites giving important information about the same. So, the links on my navigation bar opened in a new window to important links giving details about higher education in uk. My page was suitable for somebody who needed to get a quick glance into the various aspects of the subject.

weblaunch, No, I did not do any redirection. As I said earlier, since I my website consisted of a single page with links to different sites. I presume (hope I am right) that back links were not needed.

AqSEO, I did not fully understand what you mean by asking if the subdomain was indexed. I had named my page as index.php and uploaded the same to the subdomain folder in my public_html.

Assuming that I had make a mistake in uploading the file to public_html, isn’t it better to remove all the files and then upload it again to the subdomain folder? Or are you referring to very big sites where there are hundreds of pages and it may not be feasible to delete and upload all of them again? I am sorry for asking so many newbie questions.

For SEO purpose, I would make a folder just for your subdomain and redirect it to the index page of your folder. That way you could work SEO on it independently of the other folders while being able to link them as needed…
I use that way and it works just fine, even if, let’s say, you have a site about dogs and your subdomain is selling sofas for example…

It depends on many things … did you have any links built to the original page … Did you 301 redirec the mypage.php to subdomain (recommended).

How long has the page been down & the subdomain been active? Is the subdomain even indexed yet?

You should start with a redirect to your subdomain and SEO the subdomain as you would with any other site.

Is there any difference in SEO in the 2 cases? Which of the above 2 is more appropriate?

I suppose in terms of SEO they are 2 completely diffrent domain names there.

There are so many variables that could be at play here.

When you say you removed the page from the main domain and put it under the sub-domain, how long did you wait before searching? Did you do a redirection from the old page to the sub-domain (to manage the page’s back-links)? etc etc etc…