Can someone school me on getting money through adsense?

I did a search on my site and it says it is worth “$4700” or so, and that running ads could net me $6.50 a day. This was from - this got me to thinking. What if I just setup a blog and ran adsense on it. Is it realistic to get $6.50 a day or so from a site like this, or is it a tremendous amount of work?

Well, it is quite easy to rack even more than $6.50 (could be even $100 a day or more) Adsense but, it all depends what content you have and how you drive traffic to websites.

With adsense it is a matter of trying to place the ads on the page in positions where people are most likely to click on them.

How much you make will depend on a whole range of things including how many visitors you get, what the subject of your pages are and how much advertisers on those subjects are prepared to pay.

Adsense seems to currently be paying about half of what it was two years ago presumably because advertisers are currently spending less.

ok, so what is the best way to go about getting paid for a blog site?

Develop content people are interested in seeing. Drive traffic to it. Have ads that are relevant and acted on.

That’s the high level – the specifics are, well, more minute. But basically what you should be doing is building material interesting enough to be of value such that search engines and ultimately users want to consume it. Once you have enough content you need to promote to get traffic through free or paid tactics, on or offline. Finally you need ads or another revenue model – these may be via adsense or another network, the best bet is to try several and see how they all preform in driving a return.

Ted well explained…

but the niche you select pays an important role.

You need to improve your traffic first so that you can earn good amounts of $ in Google Adsense.

Good content on what your niche is = more quality traffic = more adsense revenue.

Yes content is king. if your site is new focus on developing quality content. Money will follow automatically.

the data frm dese site are not so accurate so don’t go through these site …