Can someone explain

I got a weird, weird comment on a blog like place that I admin.

“Nice site ….)”

here’s where it gets weird

the “….)” part is a link - to google.

WTJMJFH is that?

… Is a hyperlink. Maybe he’s just having, well yes, weird.


I used to get all sorts of weird comments on my old blog. The vast majority of them were spam, but I’d get the odd “i really like ur article and site thanks for knowledge” type comment without any spam URL’s, or with a URL that goes to an obvious site like the BBC or to Google.

Probably a spam bot pinging your site to see if your blog is active, if you approve posts, if you post links in comment body, etc. Approve it and you’ll probably get an avalanche of spam.

Heck, I’m wondering what does “WTJMJFH” means?

the WT stand for “what the”, the JMJ is a religious reference, i’ll let you fill in the F, and the H is another religious reference


I thought religious speech was not tolerated in any form???

Never heard of any religion that goes by “JMJ”, “F”, or “H”…have you?

rock, please quit while you’re ahead

you seem determined to push the boundaries and pick a nit

just don’t do it yourself, and everything will be cool

Just askin a question for clarity…apparently, it’s OK for this
guy to make religious references, but it’s not OK for others.

Really? who can’t?