I'm a little confuzzed


Hello, all,

I was perusing around the web when I made it back here, and noticed that there was new activity for me to look at. One of the things noted was “Earned First Like”. I clicked on it, and saw that it is a badge that is given to you the first time you ‘like’ a post.

I’ve been ‘liking’ posts for YEARS. Why am I seeing this, now?


Somebody is tinkering with the system. smile

(I just got a “First Like”, badge, too - and muy profile says I’ve given over 20,000. lol)


WTF… it’s doing it, AGAIN!



Just go with the flow and enjoy the surprises. smile


Tis my fault. I’m enabling badges that were disabled a long time ago. Enjoy them, you will probably see many over the next few minutes…


If I’m being honest, it’s a bit creepy.


^ _ ^


Ah, HA!

Oh. Uh… why?


^ _ ^


I knew that, but I wasn’t going to clype. tapedshut


Thank you for the education opportunity, @TechnoBear. I had to look that one up. :slight_smile:


^ _ ^


Potential for engagement, people seem to like being rewarded for things. And I’m curious how it goes over. :slight_smile:


I had to look it up as well.

I am not getting any new badges :disappointed:


Well, like a random post or edit your profile or something.


Good idea and I have just recieved a “First Quote” badge :grinning:


I’ve gotten many of the badges others are getting only now. I reckon it’s because I was an “early adapter” (Spring 2014) and got them before they were disabled later that year.


I, too, started in 2014 (but August), and received these at that time.


^ _ ^


I want one, too.


me too


Not me :shifty:




Post something and I will like it @Pullo easy as that