Can I take a blurry pdf image and sharpen it with gimp or some other way?

Hello, I’m totally new at this. I read Ian Lloyd’s book on HTML/CSS and have made a significant start on my website. I want to do a simple header that has my name with a squiggly line at each end of my name (the squiggly being reversed or flipped on either end). I have only a PDF of the image (which I got by saving a webpage as PDF).

I was guessing that perhaps I can use an application, such as “gimp”, paste it in there and resolve and sharpen the image somehow. Perhaps the best way to ask this question is just to attach the image so you can see what I’m talking about, tell you that I want to have my name in the header and this image to the left of my name, with this image duplicated in reverse to the right of my name, and ask “what is the best way to achieve this result?” The image was captured as a PDF and I saved it later as a PNG–I pasted it into gimp but then couldn’t figure out what to do with it–I haven’t learned gimp yet and not sure I need to know it. I’m not planning on becoming a pro web developer–I only want to build my own website.

Thank you for any guidance you can provide.

I think I may have figured out the answer to my question. I originally captured the image as a pdf, then saved it as png. I think I had the image too big in my markup–I just made it a bit smaller and it came out fairly sharp. So, evidently, I can’t make that image larger than the original and preserve its resolution. That’s ok, I need it to be its original size; I just need to trial and error the size until I get it to original size.

The other aspect of my original question–how to flip the image so I can make sort of a logo with my name with the image at both ends? I suppose this is a basic operation that I can find in other forums, a reference manual, etc.

I don’t know how to flip an image in gimp, but I do have other suggestions that could help. I’m a graphic design student, so I know some things about logo design.

If you’re doing logo design, I would recommend using a vector imaging software. Vector images can be resized and enlarged without losing image quality. Adobe Illustrator is the software most commonly used by graphic designers to design vector images, however it is very expensive. A cheaper alternative is inkscape. It’s freeware that can be used for vector image design. It’s a little more limited than Illustrator, but an improvement over a bitmap image when designing a logo. I’ve tried it once before and it takes a little getting used to, but its fairly good for free software. If your logo is not too complicated, I’d recommend tracing over it in Inkscape or another vector imaging software. This will allow more versatility with image size and resolution.

If you designed your logo yourself, I’d recommend making sure it’s not too full of tiny details because it can be difficult to make out small details on a logo when it’s shrunk to a small size like it would be on a business card.