Softening a Hard Edge

I have a logo and the edges look pixelated (it is from a vector format so that is not the problem). It just has high contrast (dark blue on white) and some fine detail.

I was playing around with GIMP and found that if I use the blur tool very gently around the edges, it seems to improve a decent amount by softening the edge.

Is this the typical way to address this issue or is there a better way? I am just stumbling around with it.

Hey, thanks a lot. The manual method I was using was not efficient and the results are inconsistent across the image.

GIMP does have an advanced export option to soften, but I never realized this or even knew that this was the actual way to deal with this. It’s a fine line between softening the edge and making it blurry. It does improve a decent amount, though not as much as I would like (gets blurry by the time the end is soft enough).

Not familiar enough with GIMP these days but the theory is sound. What you are looking to do is antialias the edge. Effectively it is a form of blurring which softens the transitions between areas of contrast (what you were doing with the blur tool). Have a poke around the export options and see if you can find something there. Typically you get options for text, if you have trouble with shapes look and see if there’s anything that could help you achieve the same effect (eg. light drop shadow, outer glow etc).

I guess you can always dulicate the layer increase the point size of your shapes, apply blur to the whole layer and put underneath the original layer.