PDF Image Distortion Problem

I have a client that got me to make a bunch of PDFs out of some Excel spec sheets. All is good. Then he decided that he’d like to have a logo at the top of the PDF. I tried a jpg but that distored all to h**l and looked horrible. So then I brought in an Illustrator (vector) format of the image as an object. Looks smoking slick on the Excel sheet but distorts still on the PDF. The distortion is not as bad now but the client is un-happy with the result. I’m at a loss. I’m not too sure how I can get this better and maintain the document layout. Currently, the documents are set up to squeeze to fit one page as opposed to multiple.

Any ideas?

HERE is an example of one of the spec sheets.

The product sheets that were originally Illustrator files look great! HERE is an example of one of them.

I don’t know. I’m no document expert so any idea at all will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Question, is the distortion in terms of size or in terms of quality/colours ect?

If its a quality/colour thing, when you export a vector image with a PDF and view it on screen, it may actually look terrible if its smaller than a ‘normal’ size, because the screen cannot accurately display the vector smoothly. Have you tried printing the PDFs with the image distortion to a decent printer capable of 300 dpi + for example.

If its a size/proportion thing, then your page squeezing thing seems like the cause but I cannot offer a solution, sorry.

Dan :slight_smile:

It’s a size/proportion thing. :confused:

Also - most PDFs don’t view automatically at 100% - so it is resizing (read: zooming in on) the image to reach the percentage of the other portion of the page. When I opened the PDF it showed me it at 175% and sure it kinda looked bad - but it wasn’t horrible, and when I went to 100% it looked fine. Maybe Im missing the point entirely here…

Importing your logo as a JPG could be your problem. Since it is already a compressed file format, when you compress it further in the PDF creation - yikes! Can you convert the logo to a TIF before making the PDF? I have found it is better than using the original AI file. As glenpake has pointed out, the AI logo prints just fine but looks awful in the PDF onscreen.

As stated above, it’s a resizing issue. But that’s the nature of this beast. You won’t escape it – at least not with the current version of Acrobat. Perhaps in a future release they’ll address that issue.

For the time being though, you CAN use some damage control. When you create the PDF document, before your final save, setup the default prefs for the document. The one specific pref you want to set is the default “opening zoom factor”.

FILE/Document Properties/Open Options…/[Initial View] > “Magnification”

Set it to 100%. Anyone opening the doc will immediately see the images in their original size/quality. You might also want to play with the “Window Options” as well.

After that however, they’ll have all the control over the quality. But at least they’ll have seen things the way they were created first; before things get ugly. :wink:

Hope that helps…