Scope in SEO job?

What is the future in SEO job?
Is it the job for a software engineer?
How can I earn in a month from an SEO’s job?

SEO is online marketing if you have unique idea to promote business and good communication skill then its good choice because after 2 to 4 year internet market will be increase 20% and all business person need to make their business online and if you get business online SEO should be must
In SEO industry starting package is average but after 1 and 2 year you can earn maximum money comparison to PHP developer equal expert

Basically, search engine optimization means making adjustments to a web site so that it scores high on the search engine results pages for particular key words and key phrases. This calls for making a variety of changes to the pages of a web site; some of these will be visible to those who view the site, and others won’t. But that’s only the beginning.
Anyone can do SEO job
If you get some good clients you can make 100000 per month

I came across two articles you might want to read.

As someone who is currently working as a webmaster and involve in SEO as well, i would seriously advise you against becoming a SEO. The industry is really tough right now with all the changes from the Google’s algorithms and it would only get harder in the future.

Now a days,more competitions are going on this SEO field.It is not a software field.It is totally different from Software field.It have a separate field.May be minimum 6months to learn for all strategies in this field.It have more scope compared to software fields.

Working in SEO isn’t something that would appeal to me in the slightest. You’re playing a game where you can’t find out what all the rules are, you can lose out by what other people do, and ultimately you have no real control over the search results that you are supposedly responsible for getting.

If you want like to become an expert in SEO,daily you should learn and update about latest aspects,tactics,algorithm updates and all things of SEO.If you not learn anything in SEO,Then surely SEO industry should tough for u.By learning day by day,then only you should become as good level in that field.Otherwise not like that.

Not going to dispute about constantly updating and learning but as if reading all the bs posted in SEOMoz, BHW or anywhere would make SEO easier. My experience coming from real experience and projects on which i worked. I have done SEO for more than dozens of websites in the last five years and even though i have general ideas about what is working and what is not i would still say that SEO is tough right now.

This is not based on software engineer work.all the common people can do this work.SEO has very bright future for you if you have great analytic skills, and you are dynamic. You need to keep up with the latest trend in the field, have passion for research and be able to formulate clever and creative marketing strategy to beat your competitor, and have an edge over all others.and this based on is a mix of arts and science enough for this skill.


There are lots of websites launching every minutes everyone wants to be on the first page of the every search engine for that they needs SEO, so always there will be scope in this field just you need to learn day by day and make yourself proficient in it.


Why you think so I hope there is reason may be we(members) can help you…

I would say it is a booming sector .SEO definitely has way to go… a future in SEO is great maybe not immediately but eventually it is gonna be really important. In fact is is important even today, most required. It has scope.

SEO is one of the best in IT field it has a gread future. Anybody can goahead with seo job following with great SEO technique. Salary is depend upon your performance as well according to the page rank in your websites. You can earn progressively. No doubt in that. Only Great technique and tips are important in SEO.

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