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Why Google Behaving like an Enemy to SEO ?

Hi When We all started our career as an SEO we thought that it will be great to work online and our career will be secure because the number of users will be increased with the time but what’s happening now from last few months?? I don’t understand why Google is behaving like a enemy to SEO??

You already know that after so many updates SEO is not easy now and its getting difficult day by day, Google replaced Keyword Tool to Keyword Planner (Not Showing Broad, Exact, Phrase), Hide Keyword in the analytics (so we will not be able to see which keyword bringing traffic), Meta Description is no use, And now Google is not providing keyword ranking for the small business websites.

We are trying very hard to make backlinks using white hat tactics but still Google is not giving us Keyword ranking in the name so called better user experience and showing only authority or big sites on the first page apparently its destroying our career.

What’s the authority sites for the Google is OLX, Quikr, Download.cnet etc. means they are only showing those websites on the first page which already have lot of Traffic. I don’t think classified sites are better than other small business sites.

So what should we do now?? Should we start digging our grave??

I am a Team Leader in my company 8 SEO’s are working under me so should I say to my team that Google will not provide us Keyword Ranking therefore you all are unemployed now our company can’t afford you and for myself I am working as an SEO from last 5 years it’s very difficult for me to start a new career now.

Google should understand there are not only employees in Google whose working for the Google site there are millions of SEO around the world whose working for the Google and if they will stop providing SERP to us our career will be finish or should I say our life will be in dark.

I am not saying to provide all of our keyword on the first page but if we are trying for the 10 keywords so at least provide 4 on the first page or at lease provide our keyword on the first page for the 2-3 months so we can show our faces to our Boss/Client.

I Hope Google will think about it and our career will be secure.

It’s all about money my friend. Who pays wins. On the other hand Google tries to stop people wanting to boost their websites by using unethical and evil methods of SEO.


Because Google is an enemy of SEO. It’s very simple. Google wants to give people the best search results for whatever query they type in. The premise of their work is that the web is a natural democracy, and the more people who link to a web page the more popular it is – and the more reputable the site doing the linking, the more important the link is. When people make it their work to splatter links all over the web like confetti, that makes it more difficult for Google to identify which are the genuinely worthwhile sites, so of course they don’t like it.

We are trying very hard to make backlinks using white hat tactics but still Google is not giving us Keyword ranking in the name so called better user experience and showing only authority or big sites on the first page apparently its destroying our career.

Google couldn’t give a wet slap about whether you’re making backlinks using any black hat, white hat or sky-blue-pink hat techniques – as far as they are concerned, any links to your website that you are making are inadmissible. What they want is for you to concentrate on making your site better than anyone else’s, in terms of content and navigation.

I am not saying to provide all of our keyword on the first page but if we are trying for the 10 keywords so at least provide 4 on the first page or at lease provide our keyword on the first page for the 2-3 months so we can show our faces to our Boss/Client.

The problem you have is that there are only ten spaces on the front page, and there could be thousands of pages competing for those ten spaces. So you can’t all have one of them.

I Hope Google will think about it and our career will be secure.

Google is not in the business of helping SEOs to have a career … because that is totally and 100% contradictory to their aim of providing people with the best search results.[/font]

i am sorry for your sad story , i never know much about SEO until recently , i open an prom dress store online , since i don’t have much to invest so i can only learn to do all the stuff myself , include SEO , well, i get to know friends who’s website is doing well, and they don’t engage a lot on SEO , or social media mainly focus on google payed ADs .but they still making a lot money . frankly , i don’t think an article like that is gonna change google’s mind

Any good search engine would not like sites being developed keeping the SERP in mind.
So if Google is killing SEO it is appropriate.

Sorry to say rajat but you are not only to facing this problem. there are lots and lots of SEOs who are start to change the field. Google’s main aim to provide quality result for user and second hand to make money from there products like Google Adword is main source for them. I would like to suggest you to start think beyond the SEO and update your strategy. Not depend on ranking only but start to think to generate sales, traffic and generate ROI for your Boss/client. There are lots of resources to available just they are waiting for you to utilize them. I hope you got my points.

yeah it’s tough but I think you have to bear in mind that google works for it’s users and tries to provide it’s users with the best possible search results.

seo is definitely not dead you just have to be a bit more clever than you used to!

I am not so sure what kind of SEO firm you are running, but we are killing it BIG time on here!
SEO is becoming easier than ever as the number of people who knows what’s working are kinda decreasing with that mass of false information that is floating around the web. Many people calls themselves experts while they are struggling to rank their own sites. In my definition, an expert is the one who can rank a site in a competitive environment. Your results speak of your level not your years of experience or amount of theory. All that must encourage you to move forward if marketing is what you truly like.

In few words, if you are finding the process of ranking your site an impossible mission then it is the right time to start checking your overall techniques again. Obviously doing what 1,000+ other SEO specialists are doing won’t get you anywhere other than an episode of star wars.
Alright i get it, what should i do then?

Start with the following:

  1. Write down the top 20-to-30 experts in SEO and start reading their blogs and webinars.
  2. Be open minded to experiment all techniques from white hat to gray to dark black.
  3. Keep experimenting and never give up unless you started feeling that this whole major is not for you. When you stop enjoying it, you won’t be able to get innovative in it.
    If SEO was just for hobby rather than profits, would you like it? if not, then it is better to find something which you are more passionate about. The ones who like optimizing, they do adore experimenting, researching and analyzing algorithms.
  4. Google is taking the right steps that serves its interests. All companies does that! Don’t always think against Google… Step a bit back and think with it, try for a second to see if you can move with google rather than against it. As optimizers, Google is in charge of portion of our profits, thus we do care about the quality content as much as it does. Focus on your quality content and audience and see how it would feel that Google’s polices are moving with your motion rather than against it.
    5. SEO is not the only thing you should be doing anyway. We call it Internet Marketing which includes SEO, SEM and SMM. Invest your time in social media networks and leave Google alone for a second. Google is just a search engine, don’t confuse it with the whole web.

I hope that gives you some insight.

“SEO is a endless world of experiments with a stylish art of innovation” - R

All the Best!

Agreed, very well said.

Google is far from being an enemy of SEO. If anything, they created SEO. I like the direction that they are moving, and I think it is in the best interest of their company and their users.

I also like how you said that SEO should not be the only piece of an internet marketing campaign. Nowadays, you need to involve several aspects of internet marketing. If your efforts appear to be non-organic, Google will punish you before you start ranking.

Not sure if I agree 100% with this. I mean the kind of person that goes for the fair play. If with dark black you’re referring to a black hat techniques… well, then I do not agree with that for two reasons:

a) It goes against my way of thinking. There’s no fair play in black hat techniques
b) It is risky and at the end of the day it can get your site penalised.

If a site were to show up more frequently on search results due to black hat techniques, then the search engine has failed ME, the user who was looking for USEFUL content, not trickiest content.

Luckily simply using cheat methods doesn’t do the trick.

Very nice advice Kronomia, thoroughly explained and useful.
Indeed focusing only on SEO is not enough to put you up there in the relevant search results.

I read all of you some of them are very good Koronima and steave d is absolutely right in their point i just want to mentioned that we need traffic not serp rank traffic comes from not only google there is many other option like facebook,yahoo,bing and many more google is just search engine boss thats it and the day will come soon when google will face a hard competition with other search engine ,social networking site and there is no need to feel insecure being a seo see net users are increasing daily in india and entire world.

Not all techniques that are referred to as “Blackhat” involve link spamming. Certain “Blackhat” software is incredibly useful for for things like scraping and list building.

In order to learn about something, I think it is equally important to understand what doesn’t work as it is to understand what does work. This will give the marketer a much better understanding of which aspects of blackhat marketing Google disapproves of and help him/her better understand the direction Google is heading and why.

I started learning internet marketing from Blackhat forums, and even though most of these tactics do not work anymore, I am very glad that I learned how to see the internet from their perspective. I feel that this perspective has helped me focus a lot more attention on making tasks easier, which has benefited my business in countless ways.

They say google as seo. Google has turned into a noun. It’s noun right ? When I random word turns into something of meaning?


Google is a name, which means it’s always been a proper noun. It has become a [URL=“http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/verb”]verb in common usage, as in “why don’t you google that?” or “I tried googling it”.[/ot]

You made my day :slight_smile:

Now with this I can fully agree.

But don’t you think that it is a bit risky to use those techniques in your own, profitable site? (or the site where you want to get your cash from in some point in the future)

It depends on which tactics you are referring to. I don’t think it is irresponsible to use Scrapebox or Hrefer to harvest a solid list of potential advertisers or similar blogs. Obviously, all communication should be done manually, but I love using blackhat tools for list building.

I would not use blackhat tools to post links, and I would not submit spun content.

Thanks. A verb. I new it was one of those lol