Can anyone recommend a decent web host?


After having some serious issues with, I’ve decided that I need to find another hosting company before I throw my computer against the wall.

Any recommendations?

I’m UK based (and so are my clients) and the servers would have to be situated in the UK.

I’ve got a reseller account and I’m hosting 14 sites, so I would hope to get something similar.

I alo need Linux with PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.



I would suggest checking out for your UK based hosting needs.

If I were to be looking for quality UK based shared hosting,, and would be high on my priority list, based on what I’ve read about them. I’ve never used them myself though.

I’ve got 40+ sites on a reseller package with Xcalibre for £58 pcm and have had no problems for the 4 years I have been with them - although they have just been bought out by Webfusion (but things are still moving smothly). I also have a Webfusion VPS with Plesk for £17 pcm that I use for Actinic sites, again, no problems to speak of (apart from when they migrated across to a new datacentre and only my backup sets were affected for 1/2 a day)

I’ve used Clook for the last 5-6 years and have had a 100% positive eperience. is another hidden gem who also run and

Uk web hosting service is more expensive then the same in US. If US web host is good you will have the same quality in UK

Hello Jon,

Can you update your budget?

United Hosting is the top of my pick for UK host. I have read good reviews about them. Other Uk hosts that you might want to have a look are:

I believe you can good web hosting account as in UK as in US. In UK web hosting service a bit more expensive then in US. However US host might abpper a bit slow on your end.

The best paid hosts in my opinion are BlueHost and HostGator. They have the best services available

I’ve been dealing with eukhost for the past couple of years and have had great experience with them.

Am running multiple websites off the hosting package and they have 24/7 live chat whenever you run into difficulties.


Would you mind telling us what website you host with them? It’s nothing personal, just that you’re a new user recommending a company :slight_smile:



Hi Karl,

Yeah sure, no problem: the websites I’ve got live running on them at the moment is:

…along with a number of subdomains linked off of them.

You might be right. However he is looking for UK based web hosting company.