What hosting service do you use?

Hello guys,
What kind of services for hosting are you using and what is your location ? What are the pros and cons of your host ? How much do you pay ?Is it a VPS or a shared hosting, or maybe a cloud? Let us know.


I just received an e-mail from WebHostingBuzz with a special offer for the Fourth of July ONLY! Massive discounts from what I consider the best host (I have three accounts with them: shared, specialized (Drupal) and dedicated. What could be better? Hurry, though, as this offer appears to be very short lived.



I use the dedicated server from Superb, and hosting plan from Uk2


I have only been going for a year but Webhosts-UK seems to be a great UK based host, I have a shared solution for patchforstupidity.co.uk and a VPS (based on SSDs beleive it or not) for a few sites and game servers. Never been down and cheap (an SSD based VPS in the UK for £15.99 a month, who can complain at that!)

Pros of Webhosts-UK: fast loading for the UK/Europe, never had any issues, full control for reboot etc and VNC Access, easy to expand all automated so you don’t need to mess around waiting for a tech to do something!
Cons of Webhosts-UK: unmanaged service, you have to pay for managed service (not to say if you raise a ticket you won’t get a reply though :wink: )

Is this host only available in UK? Does it offer any VPN or cloud services ?

They are based in the UK, servers and staff, but you don’t need to be in the UK to get one. They can give you a VPN (well they provide you with the VPS and you can do what you want with it) and yes they do have a Cloud.

A professional web developer and systems administrator I know well rates Webhosts-UK as the worst company he has ever dealt with, and he’s dealt with a lot of really bad hosting companies on the behalf of clients. They also have no shame in spamming forums with fake recommendations. Their website is offline currently which doesn’t say much for their competence. One to avoid I think.

I am from India and I am hosting my website with Indian hosting provider that ie Bigrock, I am very happy with them.

This surprises me quite a lot, are we talking about webhosts-uk.com? site works fine for me, I know there are quite a few webhosts uk or subtle variants of that which are rubbish. I suppose it depends what you want from a host, if you want managed hosting that webhosts-uk.com is really not a good choice as they are an unmanaged service. I have a few friends (professionals from various fields) and with the exception of one of them they have been very happy with them, the one who had trouble it was because it was an underpowered service for what they wanted and just ended up getting a cloud. I would say who the worst host I have dealt with but I think mud slinging is a bit of a tasteless thing to do, unless there are accurate details to back it up, then let the mud fly! :slight_smile:

Their site is still down. To be frank, I take recommendations from people like yourself who appear magically and post their first ever post saying how good a host well known for spamming forums is, while posting from behind a proxy which is on the ip range for webhosting-uk.com’s parent company with a very large pinch of salt.