Best Value UK Share Web Host, ideally with dedicated IP?

I am currently looking at two web host:

Any recommendations.

Uk2 seems to be extremely good value, they give you a dedicated ip with their shared business package.

Let me know your thoughts and other hosting providers that I should be aware of.

From my own experience with uk2 and what I’ve heard over the years from other experienced web developers, they are not a highly rated host, and they may be cheap but you get what you pay for. Alternative hosts worth looking at are clook and 34sp.

I’ve heard very good things about 34sp from a long-term customer of theirs, although I’ve never used them myself.

Wish I got your reply earlier. I have signed up with Eukhost

:slight_smile: Do post your experience with them.

Experince, no comment.

I am how ever looking at changing.

Looking at and 34sp

Any more comments on Webhost UK and 34sp.

I looking at both at the mo.

I looking at their low end shared hosting package and 34sp seems to be better value in the long run.

I have used WebhostUK shared hosting. In general it’s OK, but in my experience, their support can be a bit lacking. I have also been a little concerned about how secure their systems are.

I’ve never used webhostuk, but I know an experienced web developer and systems administrator that I’ve worked with who has stated that are one of the worst companies he’s ever dealt with. Considering he’s dealt with dozens of companies this isn’t a good sign. I’ve had good personal experience with 34sp shared hosting, and indifferent experience with their dedicated servers.

If you’re looking at low-end shared hosting, you might want to look at I’ve moved several of my sites to them and had no problems. My sites also seem to load faster than they did under the previous host. That’s just the impression I have - I have no data to back that up, except for one site, where Google Webmaster Tools site performance tab shows my pages load in an average of 0.5 seconds - down from 0.9 under the previous host. :slight_smile: