CakePHP for Small to Medium Complexity Sites?

I have a pretty good understanding of PHP and although I’ve only been on and off with the language for a couple of years, I’ve programmed in many different languages.

I’m building an eCommerce site for a client that has around 10,000 visitors a day so I need to create something that can keep up with the traffic. While it’s an eCommerce site, the functionality is going to be pretty simple. I’m also building a site for another company that has basic database functionality.

Given this, is CakePHP a viable solution? I would like to use a framework that can help me rapidly develop applications. I’m willing to give a performance hit for the framework but I don’t want it to be a huge one. I could develop the websites with just straight PHP but again there is the time invested.

I like the simple installation, minimal requirements, and PHP base of CakePHP.

Any experience with or insight into CakePHP for simple to moderate complexity sites would be great. Thanks.

cakePHP is good but why not just use zencart or os commerce or even Joomla. It will save you a lot of time during development

I must have glossed over these when I was doing initial research. It looks like they provide all of the functionality and I’ll be able to take my html templates to hook up to the zencart or os commerce back-end. Hmm… that should save me a lot of time in development! :wink:

I’ll try out CakePHP for the non-ecommerce project.


OS Commerce is an outdated pile of spaghetti… Magento looks better but it’s kinda slow

well comparing cakephp with zencart/joomla is comparing apple with organe i guess…lol

any way ,
if you just need a solution or script,i would suggest magenta…(just agree its customization can be bit complex)

if you want to make it in cakephp,
there is nothing that can stop you,you dont need to worry on that part.People use to make large apps with out any framework…thank god that atleast you are using one…and cakephp is not that feeble…