CakePHP vs Zend for eCommerce

Hi guys, I’m looking at learning CakePHP and Zend php frameworks.
I just want to learn one and get to know it really well and keep using it… I really like the look of Cake, but there don’t seem to be any ecommerce solutions to plug into it, while Zend has Magento. Any comments on that? I really want to learn something that will be able to plug ecommerce in to…

I’m suprised there aren’t more custom ecommerce solutions for Cake, it seems really powerful.

I’m investigating plugging generic ecommerce into Cake, but still trying to work out what’s possible.


Hi, thanks for that. I did see that one actually…it looks pretty new though. I went to the demo page and it was blank. Looks like it’s kind of a work in progress. Would love to hear anything from anyone who’s used it… have you tried it out?