CMS based on CakePHP

Hi guys,

we are thinking about expanding our skills set and using some open source CMS based on CakePHP framework (which we like) for smaller projects, where custom web solutions are not economically reasonable. We have found couple candidates, Croogo and Wildflower.
Ideally CMS should be
(1) quite simple for developers experienced with Cake, with short learning curve from the one hand and
(2) has a user friendly admin interface for clients from the other hand.

Does anybody have positive or negative experience with Croogo or Wildflower?

Maybe there are some other good CMS that we missed when did our search?

Frank, the question is actually about CMS, that build with CakePHP :slight_smile:

I am not arguing the value of framework and we made our choice in favor of CakePHP, due to reasons you mentioned.

Build your own framework may be a nice idea, but it require lots of resources, especially if you want to make one that can be used not only by the author.

thanks for your opinion, frank1

We use CakePHP as a main framework pretty long time, 2-3 years, so most of our developers know it and I don’t think that the Cake versus pure PHP will be a problem for us.

What I care about is how easy to train developers build the sites with Croogo or Wildflowers and how good the systems from point of view of admin/content editor (site owner, not developer) and which one has more good out of box stuff (like news, blog, event calendar, etc, what people want to have often on their business web sites).

Would appreciate feedback from anybody, who tried to use Croogo, Wildflower or any other open source CakePHP CMS.

ok never mind
but what i am trying to say is
you are searching for good cms built of cakephp framework so that you can make future application in it…(may be base for further project will be that…)
and what i suggest it…
rather than thinking that way …just go through cakephp …zend …codeigniter…get good things out of it…and make application on it…
will be better for you
just a suggestion


well i have written my own cms in cakephp …but have not used either…but if i have time i would definately love to look into both of them…

fiirst impression
both seems to have sufficient resources
Croogo seems to have some edge over wildflower(but it is just a first impression which may not be 100% correct)

my suggestion is
when you decide think about availability of support and possibility of extension …documentation…availablity of plugings and so on.

It is not like general php for which anybody will answer (esp when you fall in problem…)
so be careful on those thing and decide…
i think u should compare and contract both as you are planning for long run…


i think you are in right track
but just some suggestions and my thoughts…

i think question is never versus cake vs pure php…
the question is about your own framework or cake php or some other frameworks…
most of time if you dont use frameworks and try using MVC you will be doing same thing sooner or later…
for eg when you write registration class of your mvc your self if most of the things are right…you will end up with almost similar class that of cake,zend etc…
then you will ask …have i wasted my 10 days just doing same thing which was already there…:slight_smile:
but having said that ,i can tell that none of the framework are perfect and using framework make you dependent on them( yes you heard it right :slight_smile: )
for eg,whats their way of using prototype,whats their way of using ajax…though it may not be perfect
sometime you feel like changing the framework code itself…
but if you start doing it you will soon feel,it will be infact easier to develop own framework rather than keep on amending these things :slight_smile:

so in my option…look in methods use in these frameworks and develop a framework of your own …(i am not saying copy them but innovations is always imitated…)