Does Google Penalize if you Buy Links

Buying links is considered Black Hat SEO but there are many sites that buy text links to increase traffic and page rank.

Does Google penalize website’s if you buy links? Would you guys recommend buying links?

If you get caught trying to manipulate your page rank then yes, Google won’t look too kindly on your website.

In my opinion if you feel the need to resort to buying popularity for your website then it’s no good to begin with and you should just give up now.

Yes, Google will penalize the website if you found that you are buying links.

If the backlinks are from the reputable sites, Google has to reward the links, I think. But how do you buy authentic and relevant links appropriate to your niche? I would have t be very expensive.

But I have seen many sites buying links and they are not got penalized? Why?

After reading Googles position on this, no, I wouldn’t recommend buying links.

read this link It explains in detail.

Google won’t penalize if you buy links for advertising purpose to your site. If you try get ranking from google. Google seems those to be penalize because, of violation of Google web master guide lines.

Any paid links must be marked with rel="nofollow", so that no link juice is passed through it. If you have any paid links that don’t have that, and do allow link juice to be passed, you are at risk of Google dropping you in the sin bin.

Not true, Google penalise the site selling the links. This devalues the links which may cause you to lose your ranking but you haven’t been penalised, the links have been nerfed.

Absolutely. After all, if it were that easy to get kicked out of Google we’d all just buy links on obvious link farms for our competitors until we’re number one.

Buying links is consider a black hat technique and yes it can get you penalize but only if caught.

There is a way to buy links… Dont buy links from those who just spam in directories or creating some useless profiles… There are options where you should buy links… Look for someone who creates links in a span of long time say 100 link in 1 month… sounds reasonable to me…

You can buy links but do it to get real people to visit. The search engines will ignore the link once they figure out it was paid for (either because it is marked rel=“nofollow” or because the search engines have removed the page with the link on it from their results for not marking paid links correctly).