Building my own social networking

Hi guys,

I’m basically a semi-professional wordpress website builder but currently I’m thinking of building a Social Networking site, targeting badminton players. Since I’m going to monetize the site I prefer self-hosted(not ning/socialgo) where i can put some ads from private ads network.

Have any of you have any experience building JomSocial-based website? How easy it’s to have minor mods to personalize the site? I have some experience with Joomla setting/configuration but module/extension modification is beyond me.

Is there any alternative?

btw: here’st the link

Thats really interesting. I can’t help you must on the technical side. I play badminton and I love it, I also noticed that JomSocial is VERY similar to a popular website that I know of. It is also social networking, if you’d like to have a look. is the one.

I can say only “Best of Luck !”