Does anyone know about Ning? We have a private network and would like to make one page – 'Events" – open to everyone to see. We’d also like to SEO the one page (‘Events’) so that people can find it. Not familiar with Ning. Can we make one page open and can we add meta tags, etc? Or, not sure if there’s an SEO plugin like WordPress.

why just u use your own website rather than ning? coz it is free? I don’t think ning had support about the plugin thing

Actually, not mine. Client’s. Not sure why they are using it. Yes, I’m sure money. Any ideas about making Events page open to public?

try promote with facebook, twiiter and stumble. Make it u create valuable content.
It can be utterly worth

They have all that. They need the Events page to show up and not be password protected but seems like it seems like all or nothing for that.

Sorry my friend , I had no idea about this.

I had once joined an interesting network on Ning. But after a while, it stagnated coz there were not enough members. Then the founder lost interest, and everything was wasted…

Ning is social networking for who want to make his own blog and his friend,company or family’s blog
but it is better if you choose Elgg or comunitybuilder to create your own ocial networking
(more professional)

facebook and myspace is best for this

I’m NOT feeling the use of Ning at all

Ning is a social networking site, just as similar as Face book and Twitter, I have never joined it, but i think face book is lot more a good option than Ning.

Thanks for your replies. The thing is, this client’s site is already on Ning and has no interest in changing that. I was looking for answers to functionality issues.