Help - social Networking php / smarty scripts

hey guys, please excuse me if this is posted in the wrong forums.

Well i’ve been looking for some social networking scripts similar to joomla bloonex, social engine etc.

But is there any simple social network platform that include features with ‘favourites on photos’ similar to:

virb - which has ‘likes’
deviantart - has ‘faves’
emptees - ‘loves’ on tee’s.

Please help me find this, very much appreciated

Hi, I’m not sure if it is exactly what your looking for but that is who I use after
spending a lot of time sourcing for software to build my site which was a bit complex in the way i had to set it up, But VLD personals seemed to do everything I needed it to. It was very easy to work with & beleive me im very new to all of this, also the VLD assist & support was very helpfull.
Its at

If you want to check my site out ts its the first of my sports networking site, instead of just socials & daters, its built around players but also has the option for socials/Daters.

Hope this info was helpfull