Building links in different websites from the same IP


Does google penalize the fact of building all the links to a website by using the same IP address? I mean, if I use the same computer to build all those links to the same website, will Google penalize this?


Simple Answer “NO”

noway their is no chance google only don`t like spam

I can’t see any way that Google could penalise it. Most websites are hosted on a finite number of servers. How would Google even know the IP address of the computer that created a site? Particularly bearing in mind that computers don’t have a dedicated IP address but simply connect to the next free one on their provider.

Just in case u did not get me straight. I think I should not have used the word penalized.

What I meant is: is there any chance that google do not think that these links built from the same ip are not that much worth it as if they had been built by using different ip addresses to get online and add the corresponding links?


You can use same computer for building backlinks…
When we talk about backlink, backlinks from same IP means backlinks from websites hosted on same server. IP address of your computer has nothing to do with this.


It is possible that if the majority of the backlinks to your site or all of them come from sites on the same IP then Google may discount some of them. If they are all from the same IP then that looks suspicious and not natural. A typical website will have links coming from numerous IPs.

It surely ain’t matters if the backlinks are generated from the same IP, but if the backlinks that are coming from websites that are hosted on same IP, won’t count much worth.

As far as link building is concerned you can do it by single machine no issue of IP address will be there.Avoid spamming.

no it doesn’t make any difference i have been dong this :slight_smile:

I have been using links from same ip but relevant and different sites but have not noticed any effect in both sides.

i think google check every thing. That why i am using dedicated IP.