Broken Link

Checking the notifications link at the top of the page I saw one that said “You were granted Autobiographer”. When I clicked the link in that I got a page saying that the page I was trying to access either doesn’t exist or is private.

Yes, I guess @HAWK still needs to sort this.

Discourse core has a whole lot of Badges, almost one for anything you can imagine. eg,

It was decided that we didn’t want all of them here, so some were “deleted”, hence the Error Page.
AFAIK this is being worked on.

I thought that it probably would be - just thought I’d mention it in case it had been overlooked.

Presumably the test you ran for hiding a thread is also being worked on so as to not email everyone to provide them with the direct link.

Apparently, TechnoBear is trying to test another issue regarding broken links, so I’m making this post to help out.