The sitepoint forum's error page


I just got an error the last few minutes. I would think you might want to change the branding on the error page. :wink:


I don’t think that is anything we currently control. It is being investigated.

Is the forum hosted by Discourse? Oh my… :confused:


The Discourse Team, yes and for many reasons. This is actually the first time I’ve seen that page, so I think it is new (sort of wish we had known prior to an outage that page was being added though…)


Yes, I saw that too… Annoying, although I do like the page itself…

Yeah, I actually like it too, but it should be pushing people to Sitepoint’s Twitter (Facebook and G+) pages, as a means to get updates about the site down status. I highly doubt Discourse is going to write updates about Sitepoint’s status either.


Considering it was a global outage… Yep they were :smile:

They probably will, as since they are in charge of its uptime, it falls on them to fix it and keep everyone apprised.


So, if the whole Discourse system dies, everyone’s forums go offline?


Only anyone on the Discourse (the company) servers. You can self-host it, but there are a lot of requirements. I know several who host theirs on Digital Ocean, for example.

The problem is one of the redis servers went belly up. So they had to push everything to their backup (secondary) redis server.

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Ok. Now I understand the situation. I find it interesting Sitepoint doesn’t host the forum themselves. But, now I also understand why my requests for improvement of the system have always been pushed off to Discourse’s meta forum. Once a forum is hosted, the opportunities for customization get considerably reduced.


Eh, not really. We have 100% the ability to customize, we actually deploy for here instead of

However, most changes should occur down in discourse/discourse versus our fork of it. We pull changes in from discourse/discourse before we do any deployments.

So you have your own “instance”, but on Discourse’s system?


Yes. We also have a staging server (but that doesn’t help when the hardware goes belly up). But that is about as far as the details I know about go. @santouras might be able to fill in some of the remaining blanks.

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