Brand New website seo

I have a brand new site
created and just been indexed by google with a rank
I am wanting to start optimising the domain.

How many back links (in theory) should I generate per day / week in order to start going for the 1st place position without google seeing it as spam ?

Any suggestions ?

It’s not about numbers, it’s quality that matters and that means relevance as well as authority.

Acquire good quality natural links and you’ll get the ranking that you deserve. It’ll also be more resilient to algo changes.

It also depends upon competition. Are you competing again other home loan sites? If so, you’ll need a ton of links over a long period of time. If, however, you’re competing against “blue Idaho widgets with teflon” then you won’t need to do as much link building.

Try to get niche-specific backlinks…it will help you in great dealto rak your site…best of luck!!