I have project I need help on


I have a project I am working on and I need help in executing it. I am the graphic/web designer and developer for this website: http://www.armenianautismoutreach.org/.

They want to add a new page where the user will fill out a form and select a date and time for a meeting. Basically an appointment setting function but I want to learn how to do it myself. There are programs out there that send the user to another website but I want to do it within the website, both to learn and because it is such a simple function.

The date and time are set. It will be only two days a week and there are 4 appointment slots. So when a user selects for example Tuesday at 8pm, that option will no longer be available for the next user.

I found this: http://jqueryui.com/demos/datepicker/#default and would like to use that and the user will choose a time from a drop down menu.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Also, I know basic PHP, JQuery and Javascript. I know the basic idea of how databases and MySQL works but haven’t actually set it up on my own. So I just need help in how to go about doing this.

Thank you!!

I suppose you could start with the model. You would have an appointment database table possibly preloaded with one record per appointment time slot along with a user field.

When your form is displayed, query the appointment table and display all the records with no user.

When an user picks an appointment, update the user column with their name.

I would not worry too much about jquery until I had the basics working but that is just me. Get the back end working then pretty up the form.

Thank you for responding.

What do you mean by record? Do you mean field?

When an user picks an appointment, update the user column with their name.
Do you mean manually?

In the context of a database, record means one row in a database table. A row/record consists of one or more field/columns. Each field/column contains a specific piece of information for the record. You might consider working through some MySql tutorials or maybe database driven web sites.

Another approach is to find some other websites with the sort of functionality that you need and then see how they do it.